Friday, April 9, 2010

Strawberry Conserve.

Its been quite long since I did a posting. With Good Friday, Easter Egg painting, church services and day trips with the family, I had very little time to update my blog!! This is what I just now made.
These strawberries have been lying in the refrigerator for the past 5 days. Tis the strawberry season, it is hard to resist not buying these juicy strawberries. But somehow, the family seems to be done eating them. Luckily for me, there were hardly three of them spoilt, the rest were still firm and juicy. For once, I thought of trying something on my own, no cookbooks to assist me. Here it goes.....

I halved the strawberries(750 gm) and tossed them along with 400 gm sugar(if you like it sweet, more can be added), 100 ml vinegar, 100 ml water, 5 pieces cinnamon and 3 star anise. I also added just a pinch of chilli powder.
I Cooked on slow flame for an hour and a half till all the strawberries were mashed and cooked thoroughly!!! Poured it hot into sterilised bottles( made 2 bottles).  It can be refrigerated and kept for about a month. The strawberry conserve may be used in sponge rolls, bread sandwiches, also with some vanilla ice-cream!! Enjoy!!!

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  1. I tried this out last week May - turned out awesome! The chilli powder idea was great, it brought out a nice flavour to the jam, however, i halved the quantities cuz u know how these vendors fool u & hide spoilt strawberries at the base of the box :( had to toss most of it away before I could find the good ones!