Friday, March 26, 2010

Food at Stuttgart!!!

       I am back from a very nice holiday at Stuttgart!! The purpose of our visit was to attend the integration workshop conducted by the husband's company!!! We planned so that we could go 3 days earlier and sightsee a bit, which also meant we stayed in a hotel which we booked last moment, since the company provided stay for a night only. Holiday Inn Express where we lodged first was okay in terms of comfort. Nothing fancy and the breakfast was plain and simple. I would say that variety was limited. A choice of salamis, fruits, cereals and breads and a boiled egg daily!! I would prefer a choice on eggs too and some pastries also to go along!! Anyway, I could not expect much considering the delay in our booking.

                                 Breakfast at Holiday Inn Express

The days saw me enjoying very good food wherever we went. Since this was my first time wanting to write on the food I ate while on holiday, I forgot to note down the restaurants we ate and eighty percent of the time saw me dig into my meals and then remember to click a snap!!!!

           Day one we shopped at a toy store behind the Altes Schloss. Having spent close to 3 hours in with fretting kids had gotten us hungry. The restaurant next to the store had seating out and wanting to enjoy the pleasant weather, we seated ourselves.

My lunch was grilled meat(lamb, pork and beef) with french fries, and a yummy yoghurt dip!!! The night saw us viewing the ICE trains from the Bahnhof(railway station), following which there were plenty of restaurants to choose from. Mind you, the restaurants are very good unlike India!!! Infact the dinner at the Bahnhof was one of the best I had!!!

Since I was not hungry because of the heavy lunch I had, I chose to have this salad with crab meat on top and french loaf to go along!!!

Day two, we spent at the Mercedes Benz Museum.. With 1500 exciting exhibits spread in an area of 16,500 sqm, you are famished at the end. The restaurant in the Museum was classy and good. Be it the ambience, service, the food, just BENZY!!!

I had schnitzel( a thin cutlet of any meat which is seasoned, dipped in batter and fried), along with french fries and a salad. The salad was so crunchy and (my mouth waters as I am writing!!!) consisted of mashed potatoes, lettuce, grated carrots, radish and red cabbage!!!! The night saw us dine at one of our favourite joints, PIZZA HUT!!!

Day 3 was spent at the Wilhelma Zoo. which meant we had to make do with their cafeteria!!! That meant there was a very little choice on offer. I chose noodles to go along with a piece of chicken and boiled veggies!! Very bland, I quite struggled to have this meal, but had no other option since we still had another four hours of viewing!!!

That night we moved to our next lodge Holiday Inn. Since this was provided by the company, the place was good with sights of scenery and mountains, quite peaceful. The food was awesome, breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

Dinner consisted of chunks of roast pig along with some kind of pasta with a mushroom sauce!!! The next two days were quite busy with the workshop and restricted breakfast and lunch time, that I never got the opportunity to click pictures of our meals!! Except for this last hurried one!

Pictured here is a warm mushroom greens salad with a piece of veggie lasagne, slices of roast beef, potatoes in cheese and curried beef!!!! I had such a great time that on return I experienced  a kind of holiday hangover!! I do not know if this is normal, but I did have one!!!!!!!!!!!

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